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Bob Marley. 60 VISION. A Book of Prophecy

Edited by Cedella Marley and Gerald Hausman;

Judegement: My heart can be hard as stone, and soft as water. These days are judegment days, only the fittest of the fittest shall survive.
Every time j plant a seed he says kill it before it grows. Just immagine what really a gwaang. A dangerous thing. Fighting against people; that is not me.People fight against themselves.
Started out crying.You konw,and then music become a part, or was a part. Is really a thing what me can't be ungratefull to Jah, because today we start, yet it was yesterday, youknow. So, from the beginning Jah did created it inna, the starting for the man to start. So me really have to think about from creation them.
Rastafari live, you know. As j would say, Jah live. I-tinually, and there's a natural mystic blowing through the air.

Tribulation days: This morning j woke up in a carfew.Oh, God, j was a prisoner too. Could not recognize the faces standing over me, they were all dressed in uniform of brutally. Is not really literally about burning down the city.It's about burning certain thing out of our mind,to live in harmony.
We don't tkink upon a low level.We think high. That means we can live and we can see things. We can stay from above, and see things low.If you don't stay from below,then you can't want. Because you have to bend down too low to pick up something.
My music fight against the sistem that teaches to live and to die.
Blessed reggae is a reggae when you deal with reality.You get more music, more anything. You feel dirt,the earth.You feel it, different from just thinking about it.
Prejudice is a chain, it can hold you. If you prejudice,you can't move, you keep prejudice for years. Never get nowhere with that.

Vision: Me dream some melodies.But when you wake up you can't hear them.Inspiration come from vision. Young man say dream,old man say vision. Any time something happen Jah show me the vision. Whenever anything that might affect me, Jah show me before it happen.
You know,me can always do what me want to do.Just in time, everything happen in time. You see, God's my father and him grow me just yhe way a son suppose to be grown. The perfect father for me.
I don't think about power. Funny word. God, he has the power and he has not stopped working.
Our children is born in our spirit, so you can't teach them, you can only elighten can't really tell them anything because them done come from a place where them learn thruth already, and them hear that truthwhen them was babies.
Unity is the world's key, and racial harmony.Until the white man stops calling himself white and the blackman stops calling himself black, are will not see it. All the people on earth are just one family.
I am a farmer since creation.
When you smoke herb, herb reveals itself to you. All the wickedness you do, herb will reveal to your counscience; herb will show up yourself clear, see youself through. Herb make you meditate.
When is music time me serious. Just so me stay, we no in a joke business.

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